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Data Center Services

Your Data Center / Telecom Room is the main hub for your business. From one rack to fifty, we can build the room right for you. Cable management and overhead racking are just as critical as the equipment to maintain a professional looking Data Center.

CNC will install racking systems that fit your needs. There is a lot of choices out there when it comes to building your Data Center, we can help you install the right one. From raised floor rooms to the coat closet, making sure your Telecom Room is clean and managed is our goal.

If you have a room that is pretty messy from years of random patching and not using cable management, let CNC come in and give a quote to re-patch and clean up the system (after hours of-course). We can also install inter-rack fiber and copper cabling to eliminate some of that mess.


  • Enclosed and open server racks
  • Standard Ladder Rack system
  • Quality Basket Tray systems
  • Horizontal and Vertical Cable Management
  • InterRack Fiber and Copper systems