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Mike Wisniewski

Mike Wisniewski has been working in the cabling industry in Denver since 1998. He was promoted quickly in the industry with his previous electrical and managing experience. In 2007 opening CNC was the next step in his career path, so he could provide the same level of quality installations and customer service he did for other employers. His family has always ran small businesses. With this support system and experience taking this step was natural, when in 2007 he had a small amount of customers commit to using his new company. Since then the customers have consistently returned and referred CNC so with almost no advertising it has grown into the solid company it is. Mike loves the mountains and after 14 years in Golden he moved up to Bailey with his 4 kids and accountant wife Robin. Being a small business owner with large family early mornings and late nights are the normal operating workings hours making sure everyone is taken care of!